6 Ways to Lift Your Mood in Minutes

When you’re in a bad mood, what’s the one thing that snaps you out of it no matter what? What makes you feel amazing on a not-so-great day?

One of the key things I learned while studying at Integrative Nutrition is how to fuel myself and refresh my outlook through primary food – the relationships, work, exercise, and spiritual practices that fill me up in ways food can’t.

Today, I want to share my favorite ways to turn a negative mood into a positive mood and instantly feel reenergized and inspired.

Work out.
Physical movement is high on my list. When I’m feeling a little down, I love to hit the gym, do some kickboxing, crank up the tunes and dance in my living room, shake it out in a high-energy Zumba class, or zen out with yoga or tai chi.

Take it outside.
Going for a long walk in my neighborhood or taking the dog for a stroll are some of my favorite ways to breathe in fresh air and connect with nature.

Have more fun.
Fun and laughter are great medicine for low moods. Laughing with a friend, watching a funny movie or show, flying a kite, and singing are ways I cheer myself up.

Connect spiritually.
I reconnect and recharge through prayer, meditation, journaling, writing a gratitude list, breathing deeply, and reminding myself that difficult moments will pass.

Connect with loved ones.
Surrounding myself with family, talking to a good friend, getting a hug, or even connecting with like-minded people on FacebookTwitter, and other social media outlets make me feel more connected and less alone. 

Get nourishment with energizing food.
A warm cup of tea, healthy meal, energizing juice, or some raw chocolate can lift my mood in minutes.

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