Sustaining the spark in a long term relationship can be difficult at times. The romance may fizzle, the daily grind may take over, date nights may feel stale. It’s OK. This is totally normal. Someone once said, “love is a journey, not a destination,” and with that comes the boredom, the balance, the excitement and the struggle.

It’s about time we start talking about the reality of sustaining the connection in our modern relationship! Our relationships are not Ryan Gosling movies! They aren’t always easy, romantic, hot and passionate. We have a lot of work to juggle, priorities to tend to and often needs that get dismissed. We don’t love our partner any less if we desire more connection! There is a reason why most of us miss the honeymoon stage of our relationship, because most things were intriguing, new and easy!

“We don’t have time to connect at home.”

“My partner never plans date night.”

“We’re too busy.”

Sound familiar?

Not every couple feels they “need” counseling. Not every couple “wants” to go to counseling. Hey, to each their own! I get it. But, if counseling isn’t your thing, what other resources do you have if you would like to enhance your relationship? (Here’s a hint: there really aren’t many!) This is why The Modern Love Box was created.

I kept hearing the same complaint over and over again, regardless of what my clients were working through. It made me realize, offering the suggestion to ‘plan more date nights’ as a therapist, was really not helpful. In fact, it often created more disappointment and stress!

I found that most couples were in need of inspiration. They were craving something different, but they didn’t know how to ask for it. They often didn’t even know what that looked like! When I would encourage them to discuss what “connection” means to them, most would identify that they’re missing quality engagement.

When I take my therapist hat off, I too, can understand how important it is to have quality time and adventure in my partnership. It’s hard to prioritize sometimes and our “go, go, go” nature can really impact our connection. We are stressed as a society, we are drained with our responsibilities, the last thing we want to do is come up with a creative date night that may or may not even pan out! It’s frustrating!

Because of this, my husband and I decided to partner up and create The Modern Love Box. We knew there was a need for couples to have additional resources (other than counseling) that support the necessities of sustaining the spark and deepening all levels of their connection.


The Modern Love Box supports all couples, at any stage of their relationship looking to bump up their quality time in a convenient and accessible way. Our mission is meant to inspire your partnership, (and not because we believe something is “wrong” and you need it, but because we think all couples could use it. Us included!)

If you believe long term fulfillment in your partnership requires consistent quality time, passionate intimacy and fun, and you’d like to continue to grow in your relationship, than our box may be a helpful tool. It is not “counseling in a box” nor does it claim to give you therapeutic benefits. However, it is intended to help motivate you two to create the time you need to engage, as well as provide you with tools, techniques and luxury products to inspire you both to connect in new ways.

Alysha Jeney

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